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Venue is a booking app for tattoo artists that combines your booking form, scheduling, deposits, and conversations with clients in one place.

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Venue helps artists make booking a tattoo less painful than getting one

We build tools and features to help artists save time, reduce back and forth, and get booked faster.


Your own booking form in seconds

Sign up and start with our standard booking form to accept bookings right away. Want custom questions like "what are your pronouns?" or "do you have any health conditions?", just DM us and we're happy to help.

Flexible booking

Scheduling that fits
how you work

Prefer to propose times to schedule a client? We have that. Want to give clients control and choose from your calendar? We have that. Want half day or full day time slots to prevent clients from booking in the middle of the day? We have that too. We mean it - scheduling that fits how you work.

Get paid

Ask for deposits with a personal touch

Start a conversation and include booking terms with every deposit to set expectations. Accept deposits with all major credit cards and even allow clients to pay in instalments using Affirm.

Chat has entered your BOOKS

Keep conversations
in one place

Continue chatting with clients to discuss details, capture reference images, and their booking info in one easy to reference place.

Features to make booking painless

Plus we're launching new features every week

Keep calendars in sync

Google calendar integration keeps your bookings and personal appointments in sync so clients can’t double book you no matter your scheduling preferences.

Send waivers ahead of time

Get all the paperwork out of the way before your client walks in the door. Forms and waivers are automatically kept on file for record-keeping purposes.

Open multiple books

Guesting has never been easier. Easily open another set of books for guesting or other services like permanent make-up or touchups.

Build your client list

Clients who request a booking and book with you are automatically added to your client so you can reach out and add them to your newsletter.

Follow-ups done for you

After you accept a request, we automatically follow up with clients who haven’t made a deposit so you don’t have to.

Artist website

Spin up a customizable website to show your availability, booking info, and social links with no code.

Frequently asked questions

What is Venue?

Think of Venue as your personal booking assistant (without needing to hire one.) We help make booking, scheduling, taking deposits, and having conversations with your clients easy.

How much does Venue cost?

We don't have a monthly subscription. To cover our costs, there's a booking fee your clients pay when they book you. This makes Venue free for artists.

Okay so it's free for artists — what's the catch?

There's no catch! The booking fee your clients pay is 10% of your deposit. So if you have a $100 deposit, your client is charged $110, which covers Stripe's card processing fees too.

Your client is clearly shown a breakdown for how much they're paying in deposits and the booking fee so there's no ambiguity how much to deduct from the final payment. However, if you prefer to take on the booking fee yourself, you can choose to have it deducted from your deposit in the Payment setting under Profile.

Who is Venue for?

Venue is for tattoo artists who manage their own booking and want to consolidate all their booking, scheduling, deposits, and client conversations in one place to make booking painless and stress-free.

How do I get paid my deposits?

We partner with Stripe to get you paid. When you create a Venue account, you also connect with Stripe so we can pay directly into your bank account. The first deposit payout takes up to 5 business days and the following payouts are within 1-2 business days.

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